Common HVAC issues in Toronto and how to prevent them

Heating and Cooling HVAC Testing in Toronto

Common HVAC issues in Toronto

  • Broken Thermostats
  • Dead Batteries
  • Airflow Issues

Toronto has its own set of HVAC issues, just like every other city. In order to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere all year round, Toronto's diverse climate demands dependable HVAC systems. Sometimes the strongest HVAC system might have problems eventually, which can cause major energy costs for you as well as interruptions to your regular activities.

In this blog post, we'll explore the common HVAC issues in Toronto and provide protective solutions to help residents and businesses keep their systems running smoothly.

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Problem: Unusable thermostat

Temperature fluctuations can result from inaccurate thermostat settings or broken thermostats, making certain places excessively hot or cold. Usually, dead batteries are the main culprit. A malfunctioning wiring system could possibly be the cause of the problem if your smart thermostat is programmed.


Firstly, make sure the batteries are replaced. But if that doesn't resolve the problem, we advise getting in touch with an expert. Although you might be tempted to push every button and hope for the best, you run the danger of inadvertently destroying anything.

Problem: Airflow Issues

Your residential/commercial HVAC system may be strained by inadequate airflow brought on by clogged ducts, unclean filters, or broken fans. Inadequate airflow can overwork the system, result in uneven heating or cooling, and possibly wear out system components permanently.


To guarantee clear airflow, routinely check and clean the filters, vents, and air ducts. When necessary, replace any broken or clogged ducting. To increase airflow efficiency, you might also think about installing variable-speed fans, however, a certified HVAC specialist should handle this installation.

Problem: Strange Sounds

One quiet day at work, you notice a loud noise coming from the ducts and vents. HVAC systems will make strange noises to let you know when anything is amiss. Noises such as tapping, slamming, and screaming indicate a loose or broken part.


Trust your gut and give your preferred HVAC professional a call if you hear something weird. They are proficient in determining the root problem with a full suite of diagnostic tools. You'll be shocked at what they may discover.

Problem: Dirty Coils

Evaporator and condenser coils are the two types of coils in commercial HVAC systems that require ongoing maintenance. All of the heat is gathered indoors by the former, and it is then released outdoors by the latter. Over time, these coils become blocked and unclean, making your system work harder and less efficiently.


It is necessary for a qualified service expert to handle this task. Using precise instruments, they will remove the condenser and evaporator coils safely and clean them.

Problem: Leaks of refrigerant

When an air conditioner in a commercial building isn't producing cool air as it should, it's usually due to a refrigerant leak. The presence of water puddles, high energy bills, and frozen evaporator coils are telltale signs of an HVAC problem.


Leaks in refrigerant occur as a result of both regular maintenance being neglected and general wear and tear. Given how dangerous this is, it's better to leave it to HVAC experts rather than take a chance on it yourself. They will also know how to get rid of outdated refrigerants.

Problem: Bad smells

If you smell something strange inside a commercial property, pay attention. A burning scent indicates the possibility of an electrical short circuit or a broken critical component. A musty scent indicates the presence of mold and mildew!


Make the quick decision to consult a specialist to examine the state of your business air conditioning machine. They will guarantee that every connection is safe and that any broken wiring is quickly replaced. Frequent maintenance will keep the heating and cooling systems clean and guard against component failures.

Prevent your HVAC issues with Green Breeze HVAC

Keeping your house secure from frequent HVAC problems is essential for year-round comfort given Toronto's diverse environment. Green Breeze HVAC offers specialized solutions to maintain the best possible state for your HVAC system because they are aware of the particular difficulties that the people of Toronto experience.

Regardless of the season, you may have an enjoyable and effective home atmosphere by contacting Green Breeze HVAC for expert advice and maintenance. Put your trust in Green Breeze HVAC's professionals to maintain the ideal climate in your Toronto home.

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